DevOps by nature. How do we learn from ants and bees?Управление в эксплуатации

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Mark Heistek

Mark has first-hand experience leading large organizations through the DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation. He provides the training and services companies need to successfully harness DevOps and Continuous Delivery as a self-organizing force that becomes part of a company's product development culture.


As a biomimicry expert I believe in changing in an organic way by empowering people.
In DevOps we talk a lot about culture and how to create a culture of continuous improvement. All to serve our clients best and to become an agile and sustainable organization.
Nature is agile and sustainable for 3.8 billion years. In this talk I will take nature as our DevOps teacher. Where do we find DevOps in nature and how can she teach us to become more DevOps. I will use some great DevOps examples of e.g. ants and bees, but there is more we can learn.
I will also provide some examples where I used nature as source of inspiration to lead a DevOps transition.

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